Zoom Sessions – Lockdown 2

We’re nearly through our 2nd lockdown, there was a glimer of hope that we may be back on the track in November unfortunately this was snatched away from us. I’ve got to say, the zoom sessions are an absolute life saver, with Covid the kids in and out of school and general disruption, having a regular meet up with the members at Mossley Cycle Racing Team (CRT) has been great for the heart and soul.

The sessions each week are on Zoom, are taken by our accredited British Cycling coaches. The training has really pushed us all, I’d go as far to say we are probably fitter now thn we’ve ever been. We’ve recently purchased a PRS licence to play audio throughout to keep motivation and pace up. Finishing on occassions with a slightly cringy YMCA, all great fun !! I’m sure my neighbours think I’m going mad when they see me sat on a bike in the garage doing the hand / arm waving required to form the letters. Y. M. C. A.

We’d like to build on the success and engage with more cycle, road or mountain bike, enthusiasts or anyone who just wants to keep fit. All you need is a bike, a turbo, rollers or an exercise / spin bike. Our membership is open and really is a nominal amount of around £15 per adult or £30 per family.

Peak Forest Canal nr. Marple

Mike recently had a lovely ride out and thought he’d share the details.

Total ride 24 miles, there and back You can start in Ashton-under-Lyne at the Portland Basin going via Hyde, Bredbury, Romiley, Marple Disley, New Mills. (This is where I stopped). However you can go further onto Bugsworth Basin which is near Whaley Bridge.


Covid 19 – Online Training Sessions

Since the lockdown on the 23rd March, the team at Mossley have done everything they can to continue the bi- weekly training sessions. Consistency and routine an important factor for us all during this crisis.

The coaches consist of Andy Saint, Andy Stott, Brian Byland, Fred Hewitt and Kiera Byland. The warm ups / cool downs undertaken by Kiera with the main sessions by the others. We’re certainly being pushed and fitness levels are improving.

Over the last 10 weeks there’s been between 12-20 riders taking part in each session, the team spirit has been overwhelming. All couldn’t have happened without the wonderful IT skills of Colin Steen, big thanks from everyone.

Get involved, you can even submit your own playlist to keep motivation levels up.

Mystery ride to a “turntable”?

Well done team!

Everyone met at Mike’s house to go on a leisurely ride with a starting off point at Hulme Wood Nature Reserve, which is just past The Fletcher’s Pub on the A6017.
One of younger riders, Annie arrived on the ride with one of her first teeth, very loose and within five minutes, the tooth had come out and Annie made sure that she put it in her back pocket, so that later on she could put it under her pillow, later that evening.
I wonder how much she got?
We all continued along the lovely country trail in the woods until Yasmin got a 3 inch nail in her rear tyre.
Guess what, mum, hadn’t brought along a spare tube.
So, Andy and Mike set off to Andy’s house to get one.
Thirty minutes later, the inner tube was duly replaced and we continued on our way.
We continued on our ride under the Ashton to Marple canal and onto Apethorn Lane, where we joined an old disused railway line heading towards Hyde and onto Godley.
This is where we came across a very large circular concrete foundations on the path,which turned out to be the remnants of an old railway turntable at Godley,which was opened in the early 1930’s and was used to turn around steam engine trains coming up from Stockport and was last used in 1968.
We duly returned back along the track, with the Bennett’s leaving for Hyde and Mike, Karen, Liz and Yasmin, continuing on for a cafe stop, at a new pop-up cafe at the bottom of Gibraltar Lane, where we enjoyed coffee and home made cakes, together with Yasmin having an ice cream.
After a short rest we came home along the the tracks of Hulme Woods.
This ride is ideal if you have a hybrid, cyclo cross or mountain bike.
NOTE: Always be prepared for ride, taking with you a toolkit, tube, drink, monies and a mobile phone.
Thanks to the riders that came along Andy, Sam, Jake, Annie, Mike, Karen, Liz & Yasmin.

Cruising the Canals

The nautical theme continues at MOSSLEY CRT, where we left Royton in the morning to meet up with fellow riders, to ride along the Rochdale Canal towards Littleborough.We came off the canal just before Smithy Bridge to “circumnavigate” Hollingworth Lake before resting at the visitors centre for the obligatory “cafe” stop.We returned along the canal viewing the many barges navigating the locks and seeing families of swans and cygnets, before arriving back at Royton.Thanks to the riders who came along Fred, Mike, Karen, Tom, Liz, Yasmin, together with first timer Jessica.